Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Last year I was approached by a childhood friend who was planning a Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Rebecca Hall is the genius behind Rebecca Hall Photography and an amazing and caring person. Her idea was to use her talents as a photographer to offer photography sessions and invite local business women to participate by providing hair, make-up and other services as well as great SWAG for the ladies who participated. I know Rebecca, and when she has an idea it’s going to fly so I jumped on board to offer up some “gardening swag” to the lucky ladies.

Now anyone close to me knows my family has been hit by breast cancer. I participate in the Run for the Cure each year in my Aunt’s memory and alongside another aunt as well as in support of a friend who has battled this horrible disease. It’s kinda the cause I’ve adopted I guess. I wear pink now when I never would. I introduce people to the plant varieties that are available to them that support Breast Cancer research – and yes, I sneak a few into a garden design every now and then. So this fundraiser was a natural fit!

Last year the total raised was over $2000 and the money went to the Kelly Shires Foundation. The fundraiser numbers from November 4th total $2200 which again will go to the Kelly Shires Foundation.

I just want to thank Rebecca for her hard work and for letting me be a part of the fundraiser. Look forward to next years fundraiser!


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