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National Tree Day Logo

September 21, 2011 was National Tree Day and to celebrate I visited with my friends at to teach them a bit about our friends, trees!

One of the first things we talked about was what trees do for us. Now for those not familar with IMA, the kids strong>range in age from 2 to SKso their answers were incredible! I had everythings from: “Give us shade” to “Give us water” to “Build furniture and toys” to “Grow apples” to “Paper!”. I was pretty impressed! We further discussed some of the things they might not have known come from trees, like the polymers for toilet seats, medicine, fibre for cereal, tires, or the additives in bubble gum! A quick look around their classroom and we were able to count a lot of things that came from our friends the trees! We also discussed how much oxygen is provided by trees, and the kids were excited to learn that just two trees provided enough oxygen for a family of four!

I had brought a pile of leaf samples, expertly pruned from my yard that morning, to show the different types and colours of leaves. We talked about why some leaves were green and some had changes colour, the different shapes and even identified our Maple Leaf! We then looked at the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees – relating them to Christmas trees in our home.

Once we had had a chance to have lunch with some yummy tree cupcakes!
Tree Cupcakes by J. Munshaw
Then we headed out to the school playground for the highlight of tree day. The students and I planted their very own Serbian Spruce.
New Tree at IMA
All the kids had a chance to add soil and mulch under the tree and stomp it in place. The result was a tree that will grow with the students and the school 🙂

The love of gardening can be started very young. I had earlier worked with these same children creating a vegetable garden at their school that was a huge hit! It is incredible how much the children grasp about the plants and love to interact with the plants.

There are many great resources online for gardening with children, but even simple steps like letting them have a small corner of your vegetable patch or their own flower pot can be a simple way to introduce them to this wonderful world! You’ll be amazed at how they amaze you! 🙂