What’s in my garden – Fatal Attraction Coneflower

Close Up of Fatal Attraction EchinaceaI thought I would introduce you to some of the more interesting plants in my garden. Now while I love many of the tried-and-true plants, I love to pick up some more unique varieties every now and then.

One plant I love is Echinacea or Purple Coneflower. Now today this plant comes in so many more colors than just purple and in heights from a foot tall to tall enough to hide a small child behind. The names are bizarre enough to remind you of a diner menu (Tomato Soup and Mac and Cheese) to some R-Rated movies, which is where we find one of my favorite varieties in bloom right now.

Fatal Attraction Coneflower is a nice dark pink blooming variety, (almost maroon in color). The blooms are large in size with a flat center (eye) which the petals stick straight out of much like a Daisy rather than droop down like their cousins the ‘Magnus’ Coneflower. The blooms start in mid-summer and will bloom for weeks, especially if deadheaded!

Echinacea in my garden!

Fatal Attraction Coneflower grows to a height of 2′ and a width of 1-1/2 to 2′ making it a perfect addition to the perennial border or for use in planters (remember it will likely not overwinter in the planter unless the planter is larger enough to withstand the constant freeze-thaw cycle). I have partnered my Fatal Attraction Coneflower with Autumn Joy Sedum and the dark blooms of the coneflower coupled with the green “blooms” of the sedum are an excellent contrast!

These Coneflowers are not only drought tolerant but also deer tolerant too! Butterflies love them and the dried seedheads make for excellent decoration but in the garden throughout the winter months or in dried flower arrangements. Very easy to grow in almost any soil condition provided you have a good half day of sun!


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