Planting my Planters

Anyone who knows me knows I start itching to get my planters started before the snow even starts to melt…I start stalking garden centers the minute annuals begin to arrive checking out whats new and watching just how all these new introductions thrive (This year this was the new Black Petunias). For countless weekends we hit garden center after garden center in search of the right plants, and I empty our wallets bringing home what looks like enough plants to plant planters for two or three houses!

This year went just like that…and then it rained…and rained…and rained. My poor plants sat outside for a weeks soaking up the rain, but looking great (with the exception of one poor soul that kept falling over and took beating after beating after beating). When the rain finally gave up I finally got my planters planted minus everything that didn’t make it from being too waterlogged or the dog had managed to destroy is his quick dashes outside.

Now unlike the hanging baskets of last year packed with color, this years are dark and black and very foliage heavy! Things have taken a more tropical theme this year with Banana, Mandevilla and Hibicus showing up…and bursts of color with lots of nice flowing annuals. One of the biggest surprises came with the Canna Lilies that were supposed to go to a client and ended up staying next to the garage – they have grown to 5′ and are just starting to bloom! The dark leaves look fantastic lit up at night in their planters…a definate YES to do again!

So what exactly did I get up to planting? Yes, definately got the black petunias in there. And I must say I am very impressed. Paired with the Euphorbia they look fantastic however the Potato Vine has been a bit of a disappointment – chalk that one up to a learning experience. The basket has handled the heat well and the Black Petunias faired far better than the Cappaucino ones I planted in the same spot last year In the front planter a Banana Tree is the main focus, and while I don’t expect to get a crop of bananas (it would be cool though!) it brings such a nice tropical flare to the garden. The Potato Vine here has done excellent and is a great compliment to the Colleus.

Banana Planter

Banana Planter

I love spring time in the Garden Center and all the people in the rows upon rows of Petunias, Impatiens and Geraniums. I am always lostin the tropicals, and the row of all the odd ball stuff… I am hunting for the weird. The wacky. It only took 3 garden centers to find my banana tree…I almost gave up! I am glad I didn’t. Strangely I can’t wait till fall to get planting again!

And for those who wondered – yes I do offer planter design and planting services. So if you are looking to spiff up your planters for this fall or winter drop me a line ( and let’s talk!


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